'The characters are well written and you feel for them. They are exasperating, rude, selfish, lovable and just like family.'

+ + + + +
Eye of the Wolf

‘There is so much adventure, magic, romance. I feel like I am a part of it all!’

+ + + + +
Blood of the Raven

‘Wonderful Book 3! Characters are so compelling, battles are brutal, heart stopping angst, relationships between friends, lovers and foes complex. You actually root for these characters, tremble with them. Outstanding.’

+ + + + +
The Burning Sea

‘I can’t stop reading this. I have been hooked on Jael’s journey and just want to keep reading.’

+ + + + +
Winter's Fury

‘... what an absolutely fantastic book!!! I loved all the characters especially Jael and the world building along with the multiple viewpoints is mind-blowing!!!!!’